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With Phone Cards Web service and live support you will also get the best international and domestic calling rates. Phone Cards Web offers international calling cards and prepaid phone cards within and from the United States, Canada,  Europe and other countries.

You will be able to make a phone call from your home, office, mobile phone or even public phone to any country in the world - for the lowest price possible.

Africa $20.00
Maintenance Fee - 69c/week
Rounding - 3 minArbat $20.00
Access from selected cities
Permanent PIN
No Maintenance Fee
Rounding - 30 sec Bizon $20.00
PIN Free Access! Permanent PIN
No Maintenance Fee
Rounding - 1 minCardinal $20.00
PIN Free Access! Permanent PIN
No Maintenance Fee
Rounding - 1 minChampion $20.00
PIN Free Access! Permanent PIN
No Maintenance Fee
Rounding - 1 minChe $20.00
Maintenance Fee - 69 c/week
Rounding - 2 minCheap Call $20.00
Maintenance Fee - 99 c/week
Rounding - 3 minCheapStreet $20.00
Maintenance Fee - 99 c/week
Rounding - 3 minChopin $20.00
No Maintenance Fee
Rounding - 1 secContinental $20.00
PIN Free Access! No Maintenance Fee
Speed Dial. Call History
SMS Call, Web Call, Prepaid VOIP. Own 1-800 number
PREPAID Wireless

  T mobile recharge
  Cingular recharge
  alltel recharge
  boost recharge
  STI recharge
Africa Arbat ATT Bizon Cardinal Champion Che Cheap Call CheapStreet Chopin Continental EastWest El Toro EuroMaster EuroTalk Everest Express FastWorld Gift Card Hello from Belgium
Hello from Germany Hello from Italy Hello from Netherlands Hello from UK Jupiter Mariachi Middle East Mozart Partner Best Rates Penny Boss Royal Call Sahara Saturn Simply StarCall Tiger Tigris TravelGlobe WorldCallback

Best Rates

Austria Phone Cards ¢2.4
Belgium Phone Cards ¢2.5
Bulgaria Phone Cards ¢2.2
Denmark Phone Cards ¢2.4
France Phone Cards ¢2.4
Germany Phone Cards ¢1.2
Greece Phone Cards ¢1.4
Ireland Phone Cards ¢2.2
Italy Phone Cards ¢2.3
Netherlands Phone Cards ¢2.2
Norway Phone Cards ¢0.9
Poland Phone Cards ¢0.9
Portugal Phone Cards ¢1.4
Russia Phone Cards ¢0.8
Spain Phone Cards ¢0.9
Sweden Phone Cards ¢0.9
Switzerland Phone Cards ¢2.5
UK Phone Cards ¢1.1
Ukraine Phone Cards ¢5.9

North America
Bahamas Phone Cards ¢4.0
Canada Phone Cards ¢0.9
Costa Rica Phone Cards ¢3.4
Cuba Phone Cards ¢70.0
Dominican Rep. Phone Cards ¢4.5
El Salvador Phone Cards ¢7.3
Jamaica Phone Cards ¢5.6
Mexico Phone Cards ¢2.0
Puerto Rico Phone Cards ¢1.5
USA - Continental Phone Cards ¢0.9
South America
Argentina Phone Cards ¢1.1
Bolivia Phone Cards ¢4.3
Brazil Phone Cards ¢0.9
Chile Phone Cards ¢1.0
Colombia Phone Cards ¢2.3
Ecuador Phone Cards ¢8.7
Guyana Phone Cards ¢19.9
Paraguay Phone Cards ¢7.0
Peru Phone Cards ¢0.9
Suriname Phone Cards ¢16.8
Uruguay Phone Cards ¢5.3
Venezuela Phone Cards ¢1.6

Algeria Phone Cards ¢6.0
Cameroon Phone Cards ¢9.9
Egypt Phone Cards ¢12.5
Ethiopia Phone Cards ¢20.0
Ghana Phone Cards ¢3.5
Kenya Phone Cards ¢6.1
Liberia Phone Cards ¢13.4
Libya Phone Cards ¢16.6
Mauritius Phone Cards ¢9.9
Morocco Phone Cards ¢13.6
Nigeria Phone Cards ¢3.6
Senegal Phone Cards ¢9.6
South Africa Phone Cards ¢3.9
Middle East
Iran Calling Card ¢3.8
Iraq Calling Card ¢3.8
Israel Calling Card ¢2.4
Kuwait Calling Card ¢6.1
Lebanon Calling Card ¢7.2
Saudi Arabia Calling Card ¢3.5
Syria Calling Card ¢12.5
Turkey Calling Card ¢2.0
UAE Calling Card ¢43.2

Afghanistan Calling Card ¢15.0
Bangladesh Calling Card ¢2.4
China Calling Card ¢0.6
India Calling Card ¢5.0
Japan Calling Card ¢1.0
Korea North Calling Card ¢34.3
Nepal Calling Card ¢8.9
Pakistan Calling Card ¢4.9
Philippines Calling Card ¢9.8
Sri Lanka Calling Card ¢8.9
Taiwan Calling Card ¢1.7

Australia and Asia Pacific
Australia Calling Card ¢2.3
Laos Calling Card ¢5.0
Malaysia Calling Card ¢1.7
Papua New Guinea Calling Card ¢8.2
Singapore Calling Cards ¢0.9
Vietnam Calling Cards ¢15.1
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Buy a card online from the comfort of your Home 24 hours a day 7 days a week and make a call from anywhere, anytime. Enjoy High Quality of connection with the Lowest Rates! It is the goal for all of us to find in the best voice quality. Prepaid phone card online domestic and international rates are usually much lower than rates offered by major residential service providers and local resellers. - Buying online is cheaper than collect calls and operator assisted calls. . Autorefill Option PIN is automatically refilled when balance is low. To Activate - select autorefill option on the purchase screen. PIN-less Dialing Call directly from your phones without entering PIN. Register phones using My Account After you buy with your credit or debit card, you will receive your telephone card by email instantly so that you could call using your purchase immediately. If you find out better quality calling choice, please let us know so that we could make them available to the rest of our customers. Conference calls, save time and money with the easy-to-use Prepaid Conferencing solution. You can set up the conference call instantly between as many people as you need. What we have seen over time is no one out there offering customers both choice and service in one location. We make the assumption that by offering a high level of care that our customers get from a carrier store with a better choice of service, we will that way ultimately be able to create something that will hopefully meet the needs of the customer that are underserved today. Our shop is dedicated to provide you with cheap international prepaid long distance for the international calls to any country. The great advantage of our service - You can buy telephone service ONLINE and receive PIN-code on e-mail.